The Next Level
Songwriters Workshop

We are thrilled to announce our first program, beginning June 1, 2023.

The Willis Wonderland Foundation Next Level Songwriters Workshop was created to empower the next generation of visionary songwriters, while carrying on Allee’s legacy.

The workshop is a career-transforming experience for up to 12 creative forces like Allee—working songwriters, especially women and those in underrepresented communities, who are unconstrained by convention, driven by delight, and fueled by authentic passion and purpose. The workshop is designed to aid participants in honing their skills and singular gifts by supporting them with hands on mentorship, tutelage and guidance on a wide variety of skills, processes, tools, and strategies essential to writing winning songs that can lead to sales, publishing deals, and career advancement.

Find out more (and you can apply until 4/14/23), at